Santa’s Pipe Small Dough Bowl


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Santa’s pipe is a cozy scent with notes of cherrywood, raspberry, vanilla and tobacco.

Length: 14″ – 18″ 

Width: 4” – 6”

height: 1″ – 2”

This 1lb all-natural soy wax dough bowl is made from a soft wood and contains 4 wicks.

Burn time is 20-30 hours depending on the bowl.

Each dough bowl is uniquely hand carved. This means they are all different and come in different sizes and colours. All wicks have to be lit at once and burn for no more than 3-4 hours at a time. For the first time let the candle burn until the wax is wet across the entire top, may take 4 hours. 

* Please note: This candle can NOT be blown out, it must be snuffed. Each wick must be trimmed to 1/4 inch each time before re lit.

When finished burning – Wash the bowl out with hot water and use it as a bowl or bring it back to us for a refill and receive $3 off.